Technology, the closing and opening of borders, diplomatic relations and extreme weather events are changing more rapidly –– and unpredictably –– than ever before. These factors, and more, directly play into how every Australian lives their life. 

At Scout Research it’s our job to listen to Australians, learn their insights, then collate and share that information with our partners. 

We do this through a mix of frequent surveying of audiences across Scout Publishing brands, and daily fast-turnaround polling via our exclusive crowd platform. 

For consumers, the importance of this data is flagged up front, we share our findings back with them to make sure they know what these changes mean to them, and how they’re contributing. Be it partner-branded work, or topics we know audiences are interested in, transparency in how that data will be used is the heart of our research.


Scout Research offers full-scope market research inclusive of quantitative and qualitative solutions. 

We work with you to build out research studies of your audience, or we can find a particular audience that sits under the Scout Publishing brands. Where possible, we will layer the existing data with what we have on file, to create a deeper and more comprehensive report.